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About JS Tax Corporation

Small Business Tax Brilliance

J.S. Tax Corporation is different than most accounting firms. With a proactive process and complete menu of tax services, we help you write or re-write your company’s blueprints.

One of our top priorities is helping your business pay less tax. Many tax preparers try to achieve this through year-end tax projections or even when they are preparing the tax return. We believe the most effective method is to start with a Tax Strategy Engagement. This multi-step process, completely separate from the tax return preparation engagement, takes place over several weeks and includes an analysis of your tax returns, books, and your overall financial goals. We will present potential strategies that fit your situation and goals and work with you to develop your customized Tax Strategy without “red flags” or “gray areas.” We know one of your top priorities is paying less tax, so during the process we’ll look at things like:

– How choice of entity, or entities, could affect your taxes.

– What options do you have to defer significant sums of income?

– What options do you have for retirement planning, or if you are already maxing out your retirement contributions, what else can you do to put more money away for the future and get the deduction now.

– What personal expenses can be “converted” to business expenses?

It is true that most tax breaks are for businesses – there are only a limited amount available to W-2 wage earners. However, it doesn’t matter if your business is well-established or just starting out, there are strategies available to you. We just have to determine which ones fit together in what way, to give you the best results for your business, circumstances, and goals. As your business grows it’s possible that you could even outgrow your first Tax Strategy Engagement in a few years and need to re-evaluate your Tax Strategy based on your increased growth and profit.

As a business owner, you know how important it is to find the right partners. We’d love to work with you to develop your comprehensive and customized Tax Strategy.

Contact us to schedule a Tax Analysis and see if a Tax Strategy Engagement is right for you. We’ll diagnose the mistakes and missed opportunities that can cost thousands and show you how we can help rescue those wasted dollars.